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Water treatment is our passion and we have been doing it well for over 50 years.  SoftWaterSupply.com is a sister company to our brick and mortar water treatment business that opened its doors in 1964.  We have provided the best products and service to tens of thousands of customers throughout the Intermountain West and the Pacific Northwest.  We provide water treatment to homeowners, business owners, manufacturers, school districts, colleges, many industries, and many well known hotel and restaurant chains that you probably frequently visit.

We have serviced all different brands of water treatment equipment and feel that we should only sell the best to our customers.  Over the years we have seen which systems perform the best and do it with the least amount of service.  That is why we only sell equipment we would use in our own homes, and even more importantly, this is the same equipment we would recommend and sell to our relatives, friends and neighbors.  We know that years into the future they will still be happy with us and their water treatment systems.  At softwatersupply.com you will find the equipment that water treatment and plumbing professionals have trusted for over 50 years.

We look forward to doing business with you and forming a relationship that will last, by providing you with the best equipment, service and experience you will find anywhere on the world wide web!


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