System Sizing

See The Chart Below To Determine What Size Water Softener Is Recommended For You

* Homes with high hardness can benefit greatly from the use of a Twin Flow Water Softener for better efficiency.

Twin Flow Systems May Sized down 1-2 sizes from the listed systems below.

Water Hardness in Grains Per GallonTotal Number of People in the Home
1-2 People3-4 People5-6 People7-8 People9-12 People
0-8 grains24,000 grain32,000 grain32,000 grain40,000 grain48,000 grain
9-15 grains32,000 grain32,000 grain40,000 grain48,000 grain64,000 grain
16-22 grains32,000 grain40,000 grain48,000 grain64,000 grain80,000 grain
23-30 grains40,000 grain48,000 grain64,000 grain80,000 grain96,000 grain
31-40 grains48,000 grain64,000 grain80,000 grain96,000 grain110,000 grain
41-50 grains64,000 grain80,000 grain96,000 grain110,000 grain120,000 grain
51-70 grains64,000 grain80,000 grain110,000 grain120,000 grain150,000 grain
71-100 grains80,000 grain96,000 grain110,000 grain120,000 grain150,000 grain


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