11726 – Fleck Bypass Seal


11726 – Fleck Bypass Seal

This seal – part # 11726 is a replacement seal for the single lever Fleck bypasses.

  • This seal fits both the brass and stainless steel bypass valves
  • It fits both the 3/4″ and 1″ bypass valves
  • This valve fits the 5600 series, 2510, 6600, 6700, 9000, 9100, and some other Fleck models.  It fits both the digital and mechanical systems.
  •  This is the only replaceable seal and will typically fix all leaks around the bypass handle unless the metal bypass body is damaged in some way
  • This seal allows you to fix leaking on the bypass without doing any additional plumbing and without replacing the entire bypass

It is recommended that the seal is coated with silicone lubricant when installed, to decrease wear on the new seal and to increase its lifespan.

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