7278434 Bypass Valve


This bypass valve 7278434 fits many of the Kenmore, GE, Northstar, EcoWater, Morton and Whirlpool softeners and filters.  The GE part number is WS15X10053.  The newer version has a handle on the side, so looks slightly different from the old models, but is a direct replacement.

This bypass fits the standard sized softeners/filters and uses clips (7116713 or GE WS60X10004) to attach to the control valve (2 clips) and to attach the the plumbing adapters (2 clips).  The clips and adapters are NOT included with the valve.  The plumbing adapters that the bypass connects to are  part # 2207800 or GE # WS60X10013 or GE # WS60X10006.

This is the same bypass shipped as Morton kit 7289752, but does not include the clips or adapters.

This bypass valve looks very similar to the 1″ bypass 7214383, but this is the smaller, standard sized version.  The two are not interchangeable.

If you are looking for the threaded version of this valve, please see part # 7129871.


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