Fleck 9100 SXT Twin Metered Softener – 32,000 grain


Fleck 9100 SXT Twin Tank On Demand Water Softener

The Fleck 9100SXT Twin Tank On Demand Water Softener is the ultimate in twin tank soft water systems.  This digital metered twin system saves you 15-25% in salt and water use every time the system cycles when compared to traditional metered single resin tank softeners.  Unlike standard single tank units the 9100SXT uses the full capacity in each resin tank before it switches the standby tank into service.  The result of this feature is a system that doesn’t waste valuable salt and water.   The twin tank system never goes offline during a regeneration cycle so you can enjoy soft water 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Your new Fleck 9100SXT system is a modern day marvel when it comes to efficiency.  It will save up to 40% on salt and water usage compared to timer style water softeners.  The system has advanced SXT electronics which are user friendly and simple to program.   The NOVRAM memory saves all your settings so you never need to reprogram the unit.  The system also saves your time on the clock for up to 48 hours in the event of a power outage.  Unlike other twin tank systems that don’t use electricity to operate, the Fleck 9100 SXT can be custom programmed for your exact water chemistry and fine-tuned to meet your needs.  This is one of the very most efficient water softeners you can buy today.   The system typically uses less than $0.40 cents per month in electricity to operate.

Every 32,000 Grain Fleck 9100 SXT Twin Tank Water Softener Includes:

  • Fleck 9100SXT On Demand Metered Control Valve
  • 3/4″ or 1″ Noryl Plastic or Stainless Steel Bypass Valve
  • Each Tank contains 1 Cubic Foot High Capacity 8% Crosslink Resin
  • (2) 9” X 48” Resin Tanks
  • 14” X 14” X 34” Brine Tank (200 lb. salt capacity)
  • Brine Tank Salt Grid
  • Brine Tank Safety Overflow Float


System Specifications are as follows:

  • Service Flow Rate: 10 GPM @ 15 psi drop
  • 1,5 GPM Required Backwash Rate
  • 120V/60Hz Electrical Requirements
  • Meter Initiated Twin Tank Regeneration
  • Digital Metered Twin Control Valve (Made in the USA)
  • Warranty: Control 5 Years/ Tanks 10 Years
  • Dimensions: 44” X 14” X 57” (W X D X H)
  • Resin: 8% Crosslink Cation Water Softening Resin
  • Warranty: Tanks – 10 Years/Control Valve – 5 Years


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