Refresh Water Softener Resin Cleaner and Conditioner


Use Refresh Softener and Resin Cleaner to:

  • Increase the capacity and lifespan of your water softener or conditioner
  • Provide you with better quality treated water
  • Disinfect your water treatment system
  • Protect interior water system parts
  • Prevent water pressure loss
  • Clean and freshen fouled water softener resin
  • Improve the efficiency of your water treatment system
  • Remove iron and hardness contaminant deposits from resin and interior parts

Resin Cleaner for Water Softeners

Use Refresh on a regular basis to keep your water system in top notch condition!

How it Works

Refresh Resin Cleaner lowers the pH of the water in the resin tank and control valve during the systems regeneration cycle, giving the salt a “boost” and  assisting the salt to clean resin more effectively.  It also helps to disinfect the interior of the system, while added surfactants protect interior parts and components that come into contact with your hard water.

Refresh contains a synergistic blend of ingredients that safely provide protection and cleaning to your water system.

Contents: 12 oz. cleaner and powder measuring scoop

Made in the USA


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