Where Should I Purchase My Water Softener?

Typically there are three options you have when it comes to purchasing your water treatment system.

#1 – The Big Box Store – Typically you can find pretty decent or even downright cheap prices here, but you do sacrifice quality and customer service in a major way. The box store systems that we see for service typically have a life span of around 1/3 or less of what a high quality water softener can last.  Warranties will be much shorter than quality professional equipment and there is a good reason why.  The equipment sold in a box store is designed to be the cheapest that they can possibly get away with.  Most of the box store equipment is all from the same factory with the same low quality parts.  There may be a different name on the box, but don’t let that fool you.  It’s nearly all the same. (GE, Whirlpool, Northstar, EcoWater, Kenmore, etc.)  We service this equipment in our local market and almost all of these customers will come to us within a few years to upgrade to better equipment that will last longer with fewer expensive service calls.   Box store equipment isn’t designed or sized for individual water treatment applications.  You typically have the choice of a couple different sizes and it is nearly a “one size fits all” approach.  Because of this approach taken and the low quality, the systems typically perform very poorly even when they are working correctly.  These systems frequently use much more salt than is needed and may not produce consistent soft water.  

#2 – The Water Treatment Dealer – The dealer category will vary wildly depending on your local market and each individual dealer.  Very often you will overpay for equipment purchased from a water treatment dealer.  We see horror stories of people overpaying by as much as $4,000-$6,000 dollars for equipment.  Many dealers will sell equipment similar to or even the same as what you see on our site for 3-8X the price.  We don’t want to imply that water treatment dealers are all bad!  (We do own and operate water treatment dealerships ourselves)  You just have to realize that running a physical dealership in a physical location that can only service a relatively small market area has tons of overhead costs associated.   You will be paying these costs for them! (ie, Building, Vehicles, Office Staff, Wages, Taxes, Advertising etc.)   Look out for dealerships with high pressure sales tactics and untrained salesmen that don’t really know the water treatment industry.   Get several quotes and shop around!  Be sure that your dealer is a reputable water treatment expert and isn’t just selling water treatment as a side business to their main business.  Careful selection of a dealer will insure that you get a little more of your money worth with good service.    

#3 – At softwatersupply.com.  That’s right, we feel that we are the only option on the internet that you should consider for your water treatment purchases! We are still selling American Made quality equipment that has been proven for decades.  Many of our competitors online have sold out and they sell equipment from foreign companies that will sell them equipment cheap!  This equipment they sell is unproven and is typically a poor copy of the original high quality (Fleck, Clack, Autotrol and Pentair) designs that have been around for years and have proven to be the best in both residential and commercial markets.  Softwatersupply.com has expert installers and technicians on hand to assist you with any questions you have.  We aren’t just operating a website and drop shipping equipment that we never get our hands on.  We locally provide equipment for and service the equipment for many of the most respected businesses in the United States.  We are water treatment experts and want to help make your experience with us a success.   At softwatersupply.com you can find the best brands, manufactured and assembled to the highest specifications.  The prices are great and we want you to be truly pleased that you did business with us!



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